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Can I have my order shipped to a hotel/third party?

10 Club cannot guarantee receipt of orders that are shipped to any address that is not a verified primary shipping address.
Any orders shipped to a non-verified primary shipping address are done so at the risk of the customer, and 10 Club will not re-ship or refund any such orders.

Can I ship my order to a friend, who will then forward to me?

Yes. You just need to make sure that you select the proper shipping address at checkout. PLEASE BE ADVISED that Ten Club cannot be responsible for the contents of your order if it is shipped to a third party.


The new website is a learning process for all of us. We appreciate your patience & understanding during this transition.
We are hoping this will address some of your questions or issues.
If you send an email, please have patience as we are receiving an overwhelming volume of emails at this time & it is a manual process. Please do not send multiple emails.

Best Regards,

How do I log in to the site?

 Please Log In at the top of the main page. You will need to log in with your email address & password. If you have requested your password to be reset – please check your junk/spam folder. If you continue to have issues, please email info@tenclub.net with “Log In Issues” in the subject line.

Ten Club Ticket PreSale - Am I Eligible?

 You have to have a current Membership by the *announced deadline to be eligible for any Ten Club Ticket Pre-sale. Signing up for a new Membership or Renewing an expired Membership after that date will not make your Membership eligible. However you will be eligible for any future Member's Only Events in your Membership year. *This information is also posted in the News Section in the announcement. 

I do not see any Membership Information.

The New Site shows current Membership Information only.
-If your Membership has expired, there will be no current Membership Information. 
-If your Membership is Current then when you go to My Account, at the Bottom of the drop down, click My Membership.
 -To see your Membership History, click on Payment History on your My Subscription page.
 -If your Membership has Expired - You will just need to log in, click My Account, then choose Become a Member, scroll  down & choose Membership Level (Digital is digital & Analog is physical). Then continue with checkout.

I cannot figure out how to Renew my Membership.

Expired Membership: You will just need to log in, click My Account, then just choose Become a Member, then scroll down & you can choose the Membership level. Then continue with check out.

Not Expired Membership:
You will just need to log in. Then at the top of the screen click on My Account, then My Membership. Then you will want to go to Update Payment Info. Once you have submitted your Billing Information, your current Membership level will automatically be renewed on the expiration date. It should say on your My Membership page when your Renewal Date is.

-We do not have an actual “Renewal” option. As long as you are purchasing your Membership on time, you are technically  Renewing. 
-Also unless you have updated your Billing Information on the new website after June 6th, your Membership will Not  Automatically Renew.

I have just updated my billing information for my Membership Renewal, now what?

Your Membership should automatically Renew at your current Membership level on the night of your expiration date. You should see once you have updated your Billing information on your Billing Information page, that your next payment will be charged to your card. Your Renewal Date is reflected on your My Membership page.

I want to Upgrade from Digital to Analog. How do I do this?

You will want to log into your account. Click My Account---> My Membership. Then choose Change Membership (bottom left side of page) & then go through the Billing process. Then go back to My Account - My Membership to see your Bootleg Coupon. (See Now I have a Bootleg Coupon...) Please email info@tenclub.net once you have upgraded to let us know.

I cannot make a purchase or renew my membership.

You may also need to clear your cache/cookie if this is your first time making a purchase on the new site - See HERE for instructions & you already had an account.  

 Be sure the billing address you are submitting matches the information your bank has on file for your card. Be sure you are typing the numbers with no spaces. We accepts Visa, MC, AMX, and Discover. 

 If you continue to have issues, you may want to contact your Bank to make sure your information is correct. 

 Then if you still have issues, please email info@tenclub.net & let us know.

How do I update My Address?

1. Log In to your account, 
2. Go to My Account 
3. Click My Addresses – you can edit, update, or delete any address as need be.

Be Sure to DELETE any outdated addresses. 
Your Primary Shop Address is where Merchandise you purchase in the Shop will be Shipped. 
For Analog Members Only *Very Important - This is where your Analog Membership Benefits will be shipped.

How do I change my Email address on my account?

You will want to log in with your current email address & password. Go to Account Info, then click Online Profile, then Contact Info & update your email address. Then Click Update Contact Info to save.

I have changed my email address & the site says now I need an Activation Code. I did not get one emailed to me.

Please check your junk / spam folder for this email.  If you do not see it, please email info@tenclub.net with Activation Code in the subject Line.

What is my Renewal Date?

The site now shows current Membership Information. If your Membership has expired, you will want to become a Member again. 
If your Membership is active, please log into your account, got to My Account---> My Membership. This will show your Renewal Date. If you have further issues, let us know.

Log In Issues - I logged in, I try to go to … and it says I need to “log in again.”

This is a browser issue related to your computer. Try clearing your browser's cache and delete cookies before attempting to login.  To clear your cache and cookies please go HERE for instructions for your Browser.

Or you may want to download Google Chrome or Firefox:

Where do I find my Bootleg Coupon for My Analog Membership?

Log In to your account, Click My Account, My Membership. This is where you Bootleg Coupon will be. This is valid for one year.

Now I have a Bootleg Coupon – What do I do with it?

The Bootleg Coupon is valid for any Digital Download on the site. It is valid for a free MP3 or $9.99 off on the FLAC. 
We currently have the 2008-most of the 2011 & 2012 shows available as well as the 2007 VIC download at this time. 
Go HERE for Setlists 

Then you will want to find the show you would like in the Shop in Music, Bootlegs, then enter your coupon code during check out where it says “Enter Promotion Code”  Your Bootleg Coupon is valid for one year.

I cannot see my order history.

 Orders placed on the old site (before June 6, 2012) will not appear in your order history on the new site.  We hope to offer an order history archive in the future. All orders placed starting June 6, 2012 are viewable in your order history.

My Membership History is looking weird.

Please visit, My Account, then My Membership. (Please Note: This is where you will find your Renewal Date) You should now be able to see when your subscription is set to renew / cancel.  To see your past Membership History, click Payment History. If you feel this is not accurate, please email info@tenclub.net and we’ll look into this further.

Where is my Ten Club Single & Deep Magazine?

This is for Members that purchased a 2011 Membership: These have shipped as of September 17th, 2012.  We apologize for the delay. If you have a current membership (and purchased a 2011 Membership), please Log In, go to “My Account,” “My Subscription.” There should be a 2011 Ten Club Single MP3 & Deep Magazine PDF download there for you. You may need to refresh your browser. (See above under “Log In Issues”) 

If you have a 2012 Membership: Please log in, go to My Account then My Membership to download the 2012 Ten Club Digital Single as of December 25, 2012. This is where you will find your digital 2012 Deep Magazine when it is up as well. 
*If you purchased a 2012 Analog Membership, these will be shipped to you physically in the coming weeks.

I want to gift a Membership, how do I do that?

You can purchase a gift card to send for the cost of the Membership.

However, if your friend already has a current Membership, they will need to wait until their current Membership expires in order to apply the gift card balance towards a new year of Membership.

In order to do this, your friend will need to prevent their Membership from automatically renewing and after their Membership expires, they will be able to log in to their account and use their gift card balance to purchase their next year of Membership.

At this time, there is not an easier way to gift a Membership.

I just registered on the site. Do I have to be a paid member to post in the forum?

With our site, you must be an active paid member of the Ten Club to post to the message board. You do not have to be a paid member to join the Fan Club. You can purchase most items on our site & read the forum.  There are fan sites that do not require memberships. Please go to HERE for Membership information.