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Am I eligible for the pre-sale?
How do I access the pre-sale page on the website?
There is more than one tour listed, can I enter the drawing for all of them?
I entered the drawing for every ticket option possible, am I guaranteed tickets?
How does the show priority selection factor in to the drawing?
I’ve been in the fan club for many years. Can I expect the same great seating for EV solo shows as I get for Pearl Jam shows?
I was selected for tickets. Can you tell me where my seats are located?
Can I enter the drawing and give both of my tickets to a friend as a gift?
How do I know if my name was selected for any of the shows I entered for?
I have entered for 3 shows for a specific tour. Can I cancel one of the three entries?
If I cancel drawing entries can I enter the drawing again?
Do you offer disabled tickets?
I entered the drawing, but I want to edit my selections. Can I do that at this point?
I recently got married, and now my fan club account is under my maiden name. Will this cause a problem at will call if I get drawn for tickets?
Can I use somebody else's credit card for the ticket drawing?
I was drawn for a pair of tickets and won, but now I have a scheduling conflict. Can I get a refund?
I entered the drawing but now I can’t go. Can I withdraw myself from the drawing?
I entered the drawing and I see the selections I made under “My Tickets”, but did not receive an email. Should I have received an email?
How do I know my drawing entries were received?
For Pearl Jam shows, do you still randomly assign rows 1-2 and 9-10 infront of the stage?
Do you still do seniority seating?
There are two shows I equally want to attend. Can I designate more than one show as #1 priority?