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Released: May 01, 2001
Mike McCready - guitar
Matt Cameron - drums
Ed Vedder - vocals, guitar
Stone Gossard - guitar
Jeff Ament - bass

Recorded and Mixed by:Brett Eliason
Engineered by: John Burton
Filmed by: Liz Burns, Steve Gordon, Kevin Shuss
Edited by: Steve Gordon
"Do The Evolution" video -animation by Todd McFarlane
"Oceans" video -never before released in the U.S. directed by Josh Taft

*Bonus footage (only on DVD): Stationary "Matt-cam" footage is available with a heavier percussion mix for two songs featured on the main body of the DVD: "Evacuation" and "Even Flow" and also for "In My Tree." (The "Matt-cam" is a special camera positioned behind drummer Matt Cameron.), outtakes of the band set to "Smile," backstage scenes, a montage from the 2000 Euro leg of the tour with "Yellow Ledbetter" live, two videos - Do The Evolution and Oceans, and previously unreleased instrumentals recorded by Pearl Jam during early Binaural sessions. The instrumentals are titled, "Thunderclap," "Foldback," and "Harmony."