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Released: February 20, 1996
Epic Records

Jello Biafra – Rob Now Pay Later
Shark Chum – W.C.
Fastbacks – Time & Matter
Gits, The (2) – Guilt Within Your Head
Green Apple Quick Step – Party Dream
Jim Carroll – Nightclubbing
Monster Truck Driver – Time Is Dead
Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live)
Cristien Storm – I'm Sorry
Supersuckers – She's My Bitch
Tribe 8 – Frat Pig
Bobby Miller – Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters
Pearl Jam – Leaving Here
7 Year Bitch – Mad Dash
Body Has A Head, The – A Little Restraint
Lydia Lunch – Why We Murder
Los Hornets – Dig It!
Gretta Harley – Digging & Striking
Posies, The – Limitless Expressions

Martha Linehan – Mary's Poem
Jesse Bernstein* – It's Just A Little Bit Of Everything (That's Brought Me Down To This)
North American Bison – Broken Dreams
Michael Nichols – Sensitive Guys Don't Go Home Alone
Presidents Of The United States Of America, The – Confusion
Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson (2) – Momma Why
Exene Cervenka – They Do Everything For Us
VIVA Project, The – My Man
Mia Zapata – Social Love
Natalie Jacobson – Got What Was Coming
Catfood – Bruises
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts & Kathleen Hanna & Evil Stig – Go Home (Seattle Version)
Andrew Horwitz – 4th Of July
Kristen Barry – Joyride
Soundgarden – Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard)
Wendy-O Matik – Theory Of Mutation
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 – Spit In Your Eye
Maria Mabra – So Long
Kristen Kosmas – Untitled
Love Battery – Color Blind
Alcohol Funnycar – Overtaken
Tamara Paris – Scared Of Your Shadow
Portrait Of Poverty – Say So Long
Alison I. Murchie – Another Beer Soaked Night At The Comet Tavern
¡TchKunG! – Solidarity
Christdriver – Clean Eyes

Artwork By [Art Direction & Cover / Booklet Concept] – Jessica Lawless, Stacey Wescott
Artwork By [Design & Production] – Sheila Jolley
Artwork By [Home Alive Logo Sculpture] – Christina Sporrong
Artwork By [Home Alive Logo], Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 1] – Jessica Lawless
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 10] – Carla Sindle
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 12 & 13] – Roberta Gregory
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 14 & 15] – Jane Richlovsky
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 3 & 4] – Megan Kelso
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 6] – Lars Stewart
Artwork By [Painting Booklet Page 8] – Colleen Whorley
Mastered By – Greg Calbi
Other [A & R] – Desiree Raywood, Michael Goldstone
Other [Art Hosts] – John Carr, Tracy Boychuk
Other [Legal] – Bruce Nozick, Karen A. Pals, Rosemary Carroll, Stacy Fass
Other [Music And Spoken Word Coordination] – David, Gretta, Valerie
Other [Project Management Co-pilot] – Valerie Agnew
Other [Project Management Navigator] – David Meinert
Other [Project Management Pilot] – Gretta Harley
Photography [Front And Back Cover Photo (and All Others Unless Otherwise Noted)], Artwork By [Cd Label Art] – Stacey Wescott