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Released: March 21, 1995
Jim Carroll With Pearl Jam – Catholic Boy
Graeme Revell With Jim Carroll – Devil's Toe
PJ Harvey – Down By The Water
Rockers HiFi – What A Life
Graeme Revell With Jim Carroll – I Am Alone
Jim Carroll Band, The – People Who Died
Doors, The – Riders On The Storm
Green Apple Quick Step – Dizzy
Graeme Revell With Jim Carroll – It's Been Hard
Posies, The – Coming Right Along
Massive Internal Complications – Strawberry Wine
Cult, The – Star
Graeme Revell – Dream Massacre
Flea – I've Been Down
Soundgarden – Blind Dogs

Artwork By [Design] – Janene Higgins
Executive Producer [Executive Soundtrack Producer] – Karyn Rachtman, Liz Heller, Scott Kalvert
Executive Producer [Soundtrack Executive For Island Records] – Danny Holloway
Other [A&r Administration] – Holly Ferguson, Matthew Schwartz
Other [Music Coordinator] – Billy Gottlieb
Other [Music Supervisor] – Karyn Rachtman

Island Records