Pearl Jam is a band made up of five individuals. In addition to the collective work of Vitalogy, each band member has unique areas of philanthropy Vitalogy supports.

Ed is an outspoken advocate for many progressive causes, most notably abortion access and climate change. Ed and his wife JIll also co-founded EB Research Partnership.


Stone is a long-time environmental activist and vocal advocate for carbon mitigation, including spearheading the band’s carbon efforts. He is also a consistent advocate for homelessness policy reforms.


Jeff combines his passions of music, art, and skateboarding to give back to communities in his home state of Montana and the surrounding region.


Mike donates much of his time and resources to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America and participates in charity events around Seattle. He also has been an advocate for a nationalized healthcare system.


Matt is committed to suicide prevention and ensuring mental health access for everyone. He believes in the power of music and also supports music education for young people.

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