Vitalogy Foundation is a 501c3 organization founded by Pearl Jam to translate the ethos of their music into tangible positive impacts.

To maximize its effect, Vitalogy works as both an advocate and a donor.

Vitalogy identifies and financially support organizations inline with its mission.


Vitalogy educates on critical issues and organizations.

Vitalogy elevates the voices of overlooked groups and seeks opportunities to support approaches that value people’s minds, bodies, and souls.
In the band’s collective work, the Foundation focuses on three main areas.

There is a reason Pearl Jam has been active in environmental causes for most of its 30-year existence - we have one beautiful planet and want to do our part to protect it.


Empathy turned to action defines the band’s work in homelessness, an issue Vitalogy believes can be solved through working together and deepened civic engagement.

Indigenous Causes

Some of the most overlooked and underserved communities around the globe, Pearl Jam has quietly worked in the background with tribal groups for decades.

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